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Seeing under water, should not cost you a fortune....

An exact Rx prescription dive or prescription mask may cost upwards of $300

A optical step diopter scuba or snorkeling mask may work for you and save you $

$66.95 includes the protective box from 101snorkel.com

Prescription Snorkeling & Scuba Masks

If you need glasses to see and you enjoy snorkeling, a snorkel mask with optical lenses will help you see under water. They are regular masks, fitted with special lenses. There are many types of Rx scuba and Snorkel Masks


1 Custom Ground Lenses

A Snorkel mask customized for your eyesight require a visit to an optician. If you already have a prescription, the mask can be made and delivered. It usually takes 14 to 21 days to receive your mask. This mask usually costs $250 to $350 depending on the RX. This type of prescription mask will give you the best optical view. Custom ground lenses are the best choice of snorkelers or divers with a strong agstimatism. (cylinder readings of over plus or minus 1)

2 Pre-made Inserts Lenses

Just like you can buy magnifying reading glasses from the drug store without a prescription, you can buy magnifying snorkel mask without a prescription. They come in a select number of strengths at scuba and snorkel gear retailers. Prescription lens inserts can be added to a regular snorkel mask as an alternative to creating custom mask. While custom prescription snorkel masks are made to improve your vision, so are the pre-made insert lenses The lenses are measured in diopters in .5-meter increments. Negative diopters indicate nearsightedness, positive numbers indicate farsightedness, and zero is neither.




Prescription lenses come in glass. Tempered glass is required for the high pressure of deep water snorkeling and diving. Snorkel mask frames are made of metal or hard plastic with rubber fittings that create a snug bonding to the face. As with all snorkel or scuba equipment, a lightweight mask is preferable.

Prescription lenses are usually priced separately from masks, the same way eyeglass frames are priced separately from eyeglass lenses. Additional fees are charged for very powerful lenses.

Some lenses offer special tints that alter colors viewed underwater to make them look more natural. Tinting is usually optional and is not available from all lens manufacturers.

Since custom prescription masks are customized, they can be created in many different sizes including kids' sizes. Many of the pre-made lens fit masks that are almost universal. 101snorkel.com carries a mask with 2 different size skirts to fit an average size face and a larger round  face,



Prescription snorkel mask

Prescription Snorkel Masks at Reasonable Prices!

 Seeing  Starfish-Linkiia-Blue with  prescription Snorkel mask
Seeing  queen angelfish with  prescription Snorkel mask
Seeing  parrot fish with  prescription Snorkel mask
Seeing  turtle with  prescription Snorkel mask

Seeing under the water should not
Cost you a fortune. Great prices.